Kårøy Rorbucamping have several rowing-boats that the guests freely can use. It is also possible to rent boats with engine and bicycles on Røst. Contact us for more information about this.

Conducted tour on a stockfish factory

AS Glea on request conducts tours for travelling groups in their stockfish and saltfish production facilities.

Midsummer evening

On midsummer evening everyone is welcome to Kårøy as guests. Locals, summerhouse guests and tourists all meet for partying and mingling into the late night hours. The evening starts with a special porridge made from sour cream and everyone building a huge bonfire, if the weather is dry enough make it catch fire. Then it's barbecuing of whale meat and other foods the guests bring with them.

Other activities made by Røst kommune, Røst Reiselivslag and others:

Ka Skjer (What's Up)
(Røst Kommune)


The Puffinfestival is arranged every summer sometime around midsummer and goes on for an entire weekend. Fore more information see the festivals own pages.

Gallery Wessel

Gallery Wessel run by naturfotografer Jan Erik Wessel who has a permanent exibition and sale of photos mainly from Røst.

Nature track

In 2006 trekking routes on the main island of Røstlandet were established, and today approximately 3 miles of tracks are completed with info signs.


Brygga is a museum project which has just been established. It is being built up around the old trading centre called Brygga.

Røst Church

Røst Church is a wooden church built in the year 1900. It has an old triptych from catholic times. The church is open for guided tours every day. The church can also be opened on request. In the summertime there is a service every second and third Sunday, and sometimes there also concerts with artists from outside the island.