To Røst

If you wish to stay on Kårøy Rorbucamping, you should first travel to Norway. When you are in Norway you should then try to get to the nearest city from Røst, which is Bodø, as it is the easiest point of departure to get to Røst. In the summertime it's also quite simple from Moskenes, situated at the southernmost end of Lofoten. It's a little bit more tricky outside the main tourist season.

Ferry from Bodø

A ferry leaves from Bodø to Røst every day. The ferry, named MF Røst uses from 4 to 8 hours for her voyage to Røst, depending on how many stopovers the ferry has to make along the route at any given day.

Plane from Bodø

If you don't want to make such a long journey, you can go by airline. Widerøe flies from Bodø and Leknes to Røst every day. The plane uses 20 minutes on this trip.

Ferry from Moskenes

From Moskenes you can take the ferry MF Røst that stops here on its way from Bodø to Røst. In the main tourist season, July and August it's also possible to make the tour Moskenes to Røst and back again the same day. You will then be leaving early in the morning end returning late at night.

From the ferry to Kårøy

When you arrives at Røst you follow the road 300 meters untill you have passed Røst Bryggehotell and then turn right. If no other message is given, call Kårøya on phone +47 76096238 and someone from the staff will come to pick you up there.

From Røst airport to Kårøy

If you arrive by plane we recommend that you go by taxi. The taxi then calls Kårøy Rorbucamping so one of the employees can come and pick you up by boat.