Kårøy Rorbucamping is open for guests from 1st of May till 15th of September. Kårøy is a small island with no road connection to Røstlandet, the inhabited island in the archipelago. So you have to use a boat to get there. Kårøy Rorbucamping is simply an indoors campingsite. There are several shared kitchens and bathrooms. If you don't want to cook your own food you can frequent some of the splendid cafés and restaurants on Røstlandet, the nearest of them situated only a five minutes rowing trip away. The Rooms have from 2 to 6 beds and you can rent a single room on request. The guests can use their own sleepingbag or order a fully lined bed for a small extra fee.
Kårøy Rorbucamping has a long tradition of accommodating travellers. The oldest guest books is around 100 years old. The Olsen family has been running the place since 1964. First as a stockfish factory with rorbu (rooms) for the fishermen, and accommodating a few tourists during the summer season. In latter years, more and more summerguests have come. Today the fishermen normally live onboard their boats, but they still use facilities like washing machine, freezers, land power, water and storing space during the Lofoten fisheries.

Unlike many other accommodation companies, which simply consider tourists as customers, you are viewed by the Olsen family as a guest of the family.

Postal address:

Karoy Rorbucamping
N - 8064 Rost


Kårøy: (+ 47) 760 96 238
(+ 47) 760 96 118



If you are going to visit Røst in Lofoten and are looking for affordable, different and exotic accommodations where everything isn't standard A4, then Kårøy Rorbucamping is the place for you.